Nibiischii means « Land of Waters, the place where the great natural waters of the North are born ». Moreover, the territory of the sanctuary covers more than 16 000 km2 and there are thousands of lakes and several rivers and streams in which there are twenty species of fish including our featured species walleye, the largest pike, brook trout and lake trout.

Lakes Albanel-Mistassini-and-Waconichi (AMW) Wildlife Sanctuary has prime locations for fishing enthusiasts looking for trophies and for enthusiasts of the great outdoors. In this territory of excess, we find the largest natural freshwater lake in Québec, Lake Mistassini, a length of 176 km. Let yourself be tempted by the ocean air and enjoy a memorable stay in this wildlife sanctuary where the word space takes its full dimension.



Lake Mistassini is Québec's largest natural freshwater lake. It is an irresistible attraction for great adventurers. Lake Albanel is likewise a top destination for anglers. With their diversity of fish species and the trophy sizes of their catches, both of these huge bodies of water have become popular fishing destinations in Québec.

The Waconichi site, with its pretty cabins interconnected by boardwalks, provides all the glamour of a northern fishing lodge.

Pénicouane Bay, despite being over 25 km long, is a harbour compared to the immense Lake Mistassini it opens out onto. Its campground is very well equipped.



16 385 km2


This Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the James Bay territory and is mainly accessible through Chibougamau.

From Québec City: Routes 73, 175, 169, 167
From Trois-Rivières via La Tuque: Routes 55, 169, 167.
From Senneterre: Routes 113 and 167.

Welcoming center

Rupert Welcoming Office (Route 167 North, at the Route du Nord junction), located 18 km north of Chibougamau, where registration is mandatory.

Bodies of water

Over 2,500.


Over 20 species, including:

  • northern pike
  • walleye
  • lake trout
  • brook trout

Other wildlife

At least 180 vertebrates, including:

  • 9 amphibian species
  • 31 mammals (like the beaver, wolf, river otter, American marten, red fox and American mink)
  • 116 species of birds (like the spruce grouse, common loon, common tern, bald eagle, osprey, Northern goshawk, great horned owl and common merganser)

Forest cover

Lakes AMW Wildlife Sanctuary is located in a vast area dominated by black spruce forests. In general, the stands are sparse.
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